When the World Changes, You Change

Barbara A. Bernard

Barbara A. Bernard

When the world changes, you change. Who do you want to be in the change our world is experiencing right now? How do you want to be? The choice is yours.

A major shift in consciousness or thinking is often referred to as a sea change. These shifts can affect the population as a whole when previously inconceivable ideas rise to the surface. A sea change can happen on a personal level at the same time. When it does, a period of healing is called for so that the transformed self can engage more fully with the world. A transformation of this kind is what I call a birthday of the soul. As I said in my book about these events ,

When recognized as such, these birthdays bring us a profound gift: a liberating opportunity to see the world in a whole new light and open ourselves to new possibilities and experiences. A birthday of the soul presents us with an invitation to grow.

In our time on earth we continually have opportunities to become self-aware. Each experience we have holds within it the potential to reveal information that can provide insight into our life. If we are willing to see, to be present, to feel pain, and to tolerate confusion and uncertainty, our lives can continue to expand in possibility and hope. (Birthdays of the Soul, pages 2-3). 

To support you during this time of sea change, 21 Ways to Live in Discovery  offer some of the helpful principles I discovered during my own birthday of the soul. These continue to guide me during times of challenge and change.

In the coming weeks, watch for the blogs I will be posting that expand on each of these topics.