Birthdays of the Soul

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Times of major loss or upheaval in life can be devastating, and confrontation with change can evoke fear and uncertainty about the future. Such events can also open the possibility for self-transformation. Loss can bring opportunity. We always have a choice about how we will respond. Birthdays of the soul occur when we accept these moments as a chance to further our growth toward greater authenticity.

In sharing her own journey of renewal after a dramatic change in her life, and by imparting stories of others in painful circumstances who have transformed their lives, Barbara Bernard offers penetrating insights to healing in the wake of heart-shattering events.  Taking time to be quiet, examining habitual thoughts, changing our perspective, expressing gratitude, and honoring the creative side of our brain all can support the birth of a new self.

This small book, echoing the style of Don Miguel Ruiz, inspires those facing change to discover new ways of being that support them in discovering their true life purpose. Master the art of navigating loss and change. Your journey to living in discovery could begin here with Birthdays of the Soul.

Birthdays of the Soul is available as an e-book or in print.




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