The Secret Gift

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The Secret Gift addresses universal concerns of family caregivers who are seeking their own best answers to the questions of how to love, how to care for, and how to say “goodbye” to someone who is dying. Barbara Bernard’s book illuminates lessons she learned about life and relationships in the process of supporting her terminally ill parents. Knowing every situation is unique and that no sure-fire formula exists for how to help those dear to us when they are dying, Barbara describes challenges that arose during her time of crisis and relates insights she has found still apply as she moves through each day. Her hope is that these reflections will provide others with some navigational tools for similar challenges involving death or major loss. The idea of navigating implies having a destination and many choices for how to get there. The Secret Gift offers ideas that may help you when facing challenges and making your own choices—choices that will work for you and for your loved ones.





The Secret Gift is available as a paperback through Amazon at this link.

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