Choosing Words Carefully

Our thoughts are composed of words and, when we pay attention, we get to choose the words. Whenever we speak, we get to decide which words will resonate throughout our body and be heard in the outer world. Carefully choosing our language is a way of being more compassionate toward ourselves and others. In the process of reframing a story, for instance, we pay careful attention to the words it contains. First we notice the words we’ve habitually used when talking or thinking about an event, and then we find other words that we can use from now on to tell the same story. As the words shift, our feelings shift.

Changing my own language has impacted my life in many ways, but it didn’t happen overnight. It took a great deal of practice and still does. I often find that I need to correct myself mid-sentence. At times I’ll say, “I don’t want to use that word anymore.” If things are challenging, I’m very aware that they will change over time. By not assigning labels, I’m changing my mindset and expanding the field of what it possible. I can be more constructive in my thinking to find a way through whatever it is.

In short, I like myself better. My thoughts are composed of words, and I get to choose the words. When I speak, I get to decide which words will resonate in my body and be heard in the outer world. It’s a way of being more compassionate toward myself and others, another bonus from living in discovery.

Words are things . . .