Reframing Reveals the Bigger Picture

Reframing is seeing

over the walls in my mind,

beyond the ruts,

outside the box I created for myself,

and discovering the bigger picture

The stories we tell ourselves become who we are. But some of our stories may have been composed in our childhood minds. What we saw and heard when we were young might look different when we reexamine it with the perspective of age and experience.

Stories are not frozen in time. Old, outdated, and unexamined stories can keep us in the backwaters of our own lives. Knowing we can change our stories brings us each great freedom. It means we no longer need to be controlled by stories that were written by our less-mature selves.

Reframing is the first step in revising our stories and therefore our life narrative. When wereframe stories, we discover new ways to think about ourselves and about the experiences we’vehad. We don’t allow ourselves to be victims or live in fear. Reframing enables each of us toincorporate more information and fresh perspectives that come with the passage of time. If we see ourselves as a victim in any story, we’ll know that the story needs to be revisited, reframed,

Reframing is a conscious and powerful choice we can make as we live in discovery. Of course it takes practice, but when we can reframe our stories, they invariably become more expansive.They open us to a more graceful view of ourselves and others.

The Words We Choose Create Our Frame . . .