Coaching FAQs

Who can benefit from Personalized Coaching sessions?

Live in Discovery Coaching is appropriate for adults of any age who are currently facing a challenge or major life change and for those who are wanting to approach life in a new way or take their lives in a different direction. If your usual strategies are not creating the kind of life you want, Live in Discovery can provide fresh navigational tools that you can put to immediate use.

How do I make best use of my coaching sessions?

We invite you to enter fully into each session. You and your coach will identify Live in Discovery strategies for you to use in the upcoming week. The Live in Discovery model offers you a wide variety of tools and helps you recognize opportunities that you explore between appointments. The information from your explorations between sessions becomes the fuel for discussions with your coach.

How much does it cost?

Each 45-minute session is $100. Payment is due no less than 24 hours prior to each session. We have provided an online payment option for your convenience.

How do I get started?

Contact us at 971-319-5483 or via e-mail at to set up a 20-minute exploratory conversation at no cost to you. This introductory session is a one-time-only opportunity. If you and a Live in Discovery Coach agree to proceed, you will be sent an introductory letter with everything you need to get started. Your response is required 24-hours in advance of your first 45-minute session.

How long will I work with my Live in Discovery Coach?

Each situation is unique. We begin a relationship with a minimum of 6 weekly sessions. The need for future sessions is mutually determined. Because this process is action-oriented and solution-based, you can choose to engage with your coach any time you’re meeting challenges or make changes in your life. We are here for you.

What can I expect in a typical session?

Sessions begin with your overview of what steps you have taken since the last session, significant developments in your life, and new questions that have arisen. In each session we explore possibilities and you identify what actions you will take prior to the next meeting.

How frequently can I expect to have a session?

Clients often find it helpful to meet with their coach once a week at first. Many factors influence the frequency of sessions, including urgency, your personal timelines, your ability and willingness to take action between sessions, and the outcomes expected.