Introductory Workshop June 11, 2016

Live in Discovery Introductory Workshop

Saturday, June 11, 2016

St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, 2222 E Tudor Road, Anchorage, Alaska

Waldron Hall

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Barbara A. Bernard and Kathy Cross invite you to start exactly where you are now. Join us. Learn to live in discovery!

Join us for this Live in Discovery Workshop, a fun and powerful event offering simple, practical tools for overcoming self-limitations, expanding your sense of possibility, and creating the life you truly want. Intended for adults at any stage of life, this one-day experiential workshop allows you to discover others who are in life situations similar to yours and who are learning to navigate the territory of change and the unfamiliar.

In this workshop you will learn how to:

  • appreciate your talents, gifts and strengths
  • move beyond your self-imposed limits
  • eliminate unnecessary fear
  • experience more joy every day
  • use the Live in Discovery tools to make immediate changes with ease
  • recognize the power of your words and move beyond self-judgment
  • view challenges and change as opportunities
  • look at your current life with fresh perspective
  • live on purpose

Participants discover fun and simple ways to make small changes in their behavior that can lead to big results. “Once I started reframing my choices,” said one of them, “every day became an opportunity.”

Consider joining us for the Live in Discovery experience April 30, 2016. We would be delighted and honored to meet you.

Kathy Cross

Kathy Cross

Barbara A. Bernard

Barbara A. Bernard








Barbara A. Bernard, author of Birthdays of the Soul: Seeing Yourself Change in Times of Sea Change, and Kathy Cross invite you to start exactly where you are now and learn to live in possibility while enjoying the process of discovering your untapped potential. Come join us for the day, knowing that you are the best investment you can make!

Praise from Live in Discovery Workshop participants:

“Every day has become an opportunity.”

“Possibility is now a part of my thinking.”

“I am more attentive to the old stories I tell myself and the rationalizations I employ to support them.”

“I can stop holding others accountable for making changes in my life.”

“I intend to maintain my energy, stay motivated, and have a positive outlook, even when dealing with challenging situations.”

“I can relax into my choices and have gratitude for the ability to choose.”

“I have a greater awareness of what I have to offer and am willing to examine and reexamine all aspects of my life. I’ve gotten past my reluctance to commit to anything wholeheartedly.”