Personalized Sessions

Since life is our most precious gift, let us be certain that it is dedicated to the liberation of the human mind and spirit…beginning with our own.       Maya Angelou

You are the Best Investment You Can Make

We want you to thrive in life with vibrancy and purpose. Your personal coach will support you in being open to possibilities, exploring yourself and the world, while choosing to Live in Discovery.

Many people find it valuable to have a Live in Discovery Coach when they choose to make a change or begin something new. Live in Discovery Coaching is designed to help you discover more about yourself and become more comfortable with the unfamiliar. As our relationship develops you experience the ease and clarity of living your true potential. When challenges or changes arise, you will have someone who will listen, provide feedback, and encourage you as you identify and take each step. Your Live in Discovery Coach will acknowledge, celebrate, and honor you.

Our approach is designed to help you recognize your inner strengths and develop your ability to navigate and become self-directed during times of change. Sessions are not intended to diagnose or treat mental health. Your coach will support you in finding necessary resources as needed.

The first step is to request a complimentary 20 minute session to explore how Live in Discovery can work for you. Upon agreement, you will then schedule your first Personalized Coaching appointment. Sessions are normally 45 minutes in length and can take place in person, by phone, or on Skype, according to your personal preference. They may occur more frequently in the beginning and then taper off as agreed upon.

We invite you to take this opportunity and look forward to supporting you in designing a life that is vibrant, expansive, creative, purposeful, engaged, playful, adaptive, and fulfilling.

Now that you are ready to begin Live In Discovery® Personalized Coaching, contact Barbara at:

971-319-5483 or