Live in Discovery Coaches

Barbara A. Bernard

Barbara A. Bernard

As the creator of the Live in Discovery model, Barbara A. Bernard finds great joy in sharing the strategies she has learned and developed with others so that each person is able to truly thrive and live in discovery. She is an experienced educator who offers the successful principles that she practices in her everyday life—just wait till you meet her.

Live in Discovery is an outgrowth of Barbara’s training and education in social work, psychology, education, family mediation, and organizational development. It has been Barbara’s privilege to work with countless individuals in therapeutic residential environments, in private mediation practice, in public education and administration, and as a private consultant. Her forty years of wide-ranging experience have led her to join with you and support you during your journey into the next phase of your life.

As your coach, Barbara, will be your guide in a discovery process that uses your strengths, tenacity, and intuition to see possibilities and new opportunities. With Barbara’s enthusiasm celebrating each step, you will be well on your way to becoming all you can be.

You can reach Barbara by calling (917) 319-5483 or by e-mail at